There is a steep twist in the sidewalk as you come to the edge of Princess street. There is also a loud dog that can jump high enough to lift its entire front end above the top of the very tall fence. And there is a house that looks haunted, but emits a steady stream of cheerful dubstep from a side window. It was my favourite corner.

Until I turned to look at the haunted rave-house, missed the wonky sidewalk shift, stepped into nothingness and rolled right over my ankle. I landed on my knee, then my butt- facing the wrong way up the hill, next to the fence with the angry dog. In the moment, I was most concerned about my ankle. This is the same ankle that I sprained/bone-chipped last year when I tumbledy-thumped into one of Macho’s dog holes. Fortunately, it was *mostly* okay. Oskar helped me up, and limped me the few blocks home.

Turns out, it was my knee that suffered the most. The raggedy scab makes for an interesting addition to my “being a proper Peace Fellow” outfits. While I am fond of the tomboy-in-a-cute-dress look, I don’t know how well it’s going over with the actual adults I am interacting with. I think the first conflict I need to resolve is between myself and gravity.


But you know that no amount of injury is going to slow this intrepid wanderer. I’ll share with you a few of my favourite things from my walks around the neighbourhood.


20160215_090540            20160221_103651-1

20160222_114738             20160221_104807Yeah- that’s a smashed bike helmet. Not my favourite.







This little plant growing out of the rock wall reminds me of something a fellow DV survivor and friend of mine once wrote about how they tried stacking the cement on her chest, but never killed off the root of who she is. (Love you, girl!)


“Braille Trail”

For sight-impaired citizens: These indicators run along most sidewalks as a guide for where crosswalks, intersections, and other points of interest are.

20160227_105442             20160227_105357


Ice cream: because DELICIOUS!!








Street Art:









And this graveyard!!!




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