First update: I set my computer to autocorrect to Australian English. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, except that it makes familiar words into seemingly slightly-wrong spellings. Like neighbor into neighbour, color into colour, and aluminum into aluminium. Evidently “proper” spelling is important whilst attempting a fancy-pants graduate degree. Whatever. I’m just happy for spell check, so I don’t have to waste my time here learning things.

So, anyway…

X had a great time at camp! He made new friends and wowed everyone with his archery skills (thanks to the backyard set-up we have back in the States). We are a week out from those halcyon days of mud splashing camp life and well into get-to-business academic zone. Today, he told me today that he “absolutely LOVES school!” For a kid that, six months ago, was plagued by bullies and begging to be homeschooled- this is a momentous step.

He even almost likes his uniform now! Just yesterday, he popped the collar and was strutting back and forth in front of the mirror admiring how much he resembled “a 1980’s vampire.” I guess that’s a good thing?

Oskar is tolerating the uniform as he tolerates most things I have subjected him to in his short life. He uses his endless eyelashes to conceal the glare, and crams the hat on his head. Luckily, it has a very large brim. That way he can mouth all sorts of words at me, and I’ll never see.

Stinky tree update: Here are some pictures of the stinky tree. It is a very stinky tree, and we pass it everyday on the way to Oskar’s school. He opines that it is a type of eucalyptus. I call it the “skunk trunk.”

20160218_151011-1                 20160221_093651


I had my first Australian Rotary presentation- meeting with the members of the Loganholme chapter at Beenleigh. It was a really fun time, with very good food. I spoke about some of the work I’ve done in the past, and fielded questions on what I hope to get out of the fellowship, and where I see it taking me… (answer: Giant Question Mark) ….

20160223_160202.jpgRotary presentation.jpg






I met some really lovely people there- and had a good long chat with a fellow artist and writer named Peta.

You know those moments where you connect with someone on such a level that you both just press hands against your own chest and sigh that big, magical sigh that comes with knowing that someone just “gets it?” Peta gets it.

Which leads me to some big news:   We have a washing machine now!!! 

Peta read the last blog post and contacted me. She had a spare washer to loan us for a few months. She even delivered it the same day! Hurrah for spin cycle!!

It lives in a creepy little gnome-home outside, which is underneath our duplex-neighbours. I can listen in to the newest in entertainment news playing on their TV while I try to figure out exactly how many items of clothing fit into the machine. Note: the number is markedly lower than I initially believed- according to Brian, who has taken laundry perfectionism on as his new hobby.

20160224_155634                 20160224_155744

We still don’t have internet installed at the house. Telstra told us that our information got “stuck” in their system- after they got our money, of course. It has been “stuck” for two weeks now, but they’ve “got I.T. on it,” so it should only be a indeterminately long time before they know what is going on. So, that’s not really news at all.

However, the upside is that they have really sweet customer service people. They stick with me, running around and asking all the questions of different departments while I’m on hold, instead of transferring me to someone else who has no idea what’s going on. I just have one person to deal with who has no idea what’s going on- and that is a HUGE step up from Time Warner back home… (just sayin’)

As we’ve been offline, I’ve got some backed-up posts to throw on here. I broke them up so they’d be short and topic-specific. Ya know- like “blogs” are supposed to be.

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