Given that we don’t have internet, or TV, and we didn’t bring much in the way of books and games- we have been at bit bored around the house. We have parks around to keep us entertained during daylight hours- my notoriously un-athletic children even play basketball and soccer now- but come night, we are at a loss.

We did buy a small set of acrylic paints, which led to a few adapted and original works of art20160223_160228

Dino home





We’ve taken up sushi-making:



We even had a “party.” A Helmet Party. The boys dressed their pillows up as helmet-wearing attendees, and they had some tap water hors d’eovres to really make it “special.” The whole gang crowded in for this group photo.



The biggest hit we’ve seen so far has been the knot-tying lessons and practice sessions that Brian has hosted. There are just gobs of tangled-up rope all over the house. This is how we live now.


But if you happen to have a boat that needs lashing to a dock- we’ve got you covered.

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